Kids and teens classes starting in June!

Michelle Giller Clark has been teaching kids and teens how to move at Sonic Athletics for years, and now we’re lucky enough to have her program as part of GLSC. Sonic focuses on teaching kids to move well and often, using a fun combination of exercise and play.

This method means:
– Kids become safer and less prone to injury when they participate in sports and other physical activities
– Kids develop a robust foundation on which they can continue to optimize their physical fitness, enhance their athleticism, and improve their sports performance
– Kids become ever more competent and confident, which encourages them to explore new sports and physical activities
– Teens (8th grade+) begin to explore barbell lifts to increase strength on top of solid movement fundamentals

We are starting to plan for June classes. If you’re interested, join the waitlist now! Kids classes are for 3rd to 5th graders, and teens classes are for 6th to 12th graders. The pricing and availability will depend on the interest we see in this survey. It is not included in the current membership. Invite your friends, these are available to anyone in the community.


Kate and Nate, co-owners