Hello! I have been an athlete since I was young and have always sought out physical activity as a way to connect to myself both physically and mentally. Throughout the years I have tried, and enjoyed, different types of activity, but as a true athlete found my passion in strength and conditioning. Which would eventually lead me to Crossfit. The competitiveness and challenges that come with this sport keep me coming back. Turning this passion into coaching others makes it so much more fun.

Favorite Movement: Burpees, yep I said it. Also any Oly Lift.

Least Favorite Movement: Not really a movement, but the air bike is my arch nemesis.

Favorite WOD: MURPH is a WOD that few will take on willingly, but is one of the most challenging and grueling WODs there is. Knowing the CF community is taking part in it together every year makes it that much more special.

My motivation as a coach: To help others realize that they are more capable of things than they think.

Credentials: DHFT 2012, B.S. in Exercise Science, SPU. 2017, CrossFit Level 1