I love NWCF for the people, our community, the location, and I’ve grown more as a coach during my time here than any other gym. I’m very grateful for this community.

If you’re reading this, hello! Nice to hopefully one day meet you if we haven’t already. I’ll give you a little bit of my background: I grew up playing sports until I got to High School where I gave them up for choir and classical singing, but I missed athletics and at 16 I joined my first Crossfit gym. I went to college for Opera and dropped out (it was a good decision I promise) which then brought me to Seattle where I transitioned to become a professional actor performing in musicals around town including at The 5th Avenue Theater, Can Can Culinary Cabaret among others, all the while being able to continue my journey with Crossfit, my love for Olympic Lifting, and my passion for coaching. I’ve coached at numerous gyms around town but I have been fortunate enough to make homes at Rocket Crossfit and Northwest Crossfit; 5 years with the former, and nearly 3 years with NWCF.

It’s a special kind of joy that comes from watching a person’s face light up after they’ve achieved a goal, after they’ve pushed themselves harder than they have before, after they finally figure out that technique that’s been plaguing them and have that ‘a-ha’ moment I just love it. It’s so much fun and I feel lucky to be able to share in that moment with you it’s incredibly special to me. Thanks for reading my friend. Be well.

Favorite Movement: Snatch

Least Favorite Movement:- good question

Favorite WOD:- Sevens, Fran, DT

My Motivation as a coach: A few things: an endless curiosity and desire to become better as an athlete and being able to translate that experience over to others for their own personal gains. I want the people that come through that door to leave better than they came; plus, it’s just fun.

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 & 2