I attended Central Washington
University where I graduated with a BS in Exercise Science and minors in Nutrition,
Athletic Training, Psychology and Sociology. I started weightlifting when I was in high school and grew
up playing volleyball, basketball, and competed in equine sports. At CWU I began personal and group training which ultimately led me here to NWCF.

Favorite movement: Russian Kettle bell swings and Farmers Carry.

Least favorite movement: I can’t say that I have a least favorite movement, I am a movement nerd but short WOD’s are my least favorite because they generally are a grind and are extremely difficult.

Favorite WOD: I have two Hero WOD’s. Murph for Memorial Day and Glen on the 4th of July. Two WOD’s that challenge your mind set and positive self-talk.

My motivation as a coach: To help people in the spaces where I was once stuck. We are all trying to sort through so much information regarding health and exercise it’s hard to know where to begin and what to do. I enjoy helping people I see my old self in, someone who was 230lbs, emotionally binge eating with an untreated Hypothyroid. A story many can relate to. It’s important to me to give these individuals hope and ignite the power that they already possess to change their own lives and take their health into their own hands.