I’m new to GLSC and I’m excited about bringing a slightly different take on how to get the most out of every experience that happens in the gym, whether that is through improving mobility, energy management, or technical prowess and to make sure that you walk out of every session feeling better than when you came in.

Favorite movement: Muscle Up, Kettlebell snatch
Least favorite movement: Squat Clean
Favorite WOD: Anything body weight related
My motivation as a coach: To teach people how to have a better relationship with their body, and to use the skills I have had from over 25 years of performing and coaching gymnastics and flexibility to help fill in some of that gaps that are usually missed in making yourself more healthy.
Credentials: OPEX CCP (ongoing), Strong First Girya (SFG), Australian FIG Level 2 Coach (gymnastics), Cirque du Soleil Performance Coach, CrossFit L1.