Why NWCF is the best choice in gyms

We believe in you! We are a community born out of a determination to provide the best training that modern fitness has to offer. We believe in evolving! We believe in having a very educated staff that specializes in modern approaches to health and wellness, as well as cutting edge techniques in fitness, strength and conditioning.

We are known as a hybrid gym that uses a multifaceted approach to getting fit and strong. For example; we believe that mobility and flexibility are as important as strength and that cardiovascular endurance is as important as stamina. We consider every person who walks in our gym an athlete and, as such, needs to balance modern living with functional exercise. We believe in conquering the negative effects of this modern lifestyle by providing a program that balances the body and strengthens it in all aspects of fitness; agility, accuracy, coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, power, speed, stamina and cardio endurance. 

We evolved to be more than a typical group fitness gym

We also believe that fitness is not contained in a box. It is not one-size-fits-all. It is much more than that and it means something different to everyone.  That is why we believe in multiple approaches to achieving success. Keeping an open mind allows us to evolve our program by sharpening our approaches to include desires and dreams that our members have for themselves. If you want to climb a mountain, we are here to help you gain the necessary fitness for that. If you want to gain more strength, we can build you a world class strength program on par with division 1 college programs and professional sports teams. If you want a chiseled body, let us help you with a functional bodybuilding program that will sculpt you without the negative consequences of isolated exercises; you may even find a desire to step onto a stage. We even have an endurance program for athletes that compete in triathlons and mud runs. In addition, we have also become an affiliate for “Fit After Fifty” and specialize in bringing programs to people who may feel that there are not fitness programs catering to their needs.  There are also those who want a more moderate approach to fitness, so workouts can be scaled to lower the weights and build an all inclusive environment. We don’t judge you for what you want to do. All we ask is that you are coachable and willing to make positive life changes. This is what we at NWCF strive for, to be a positive and everlasting catalyst for your commitment towards health and wellness changes in your life. 

We hope you consider us as a one stop shop for fitness

Fitness is very trendy and many people can be led astray with fads and gimmicks. We are hoping that we will educate you enough about fitness that your knowledge will rival that of a coach. If we can do that, then we have succeeded in our mission. We hope you consider us and we will always be transparent in our program so please never hesitate to reach out and let us know how you feel. After all, we are not just a gym, we are a community of fitness enthusiasts and, most importantly, we are all in this together!