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At GLSC, our coaches motivate you to be your best and improve yourself one workout at a time.


Our training is designed to meet you where you are in your fitness journey, whether you’re starting from the couch or the podium. Most of our members work at a desk all day, so we designed our workouts to straighten you back up out of that sitting position.

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Our members are our greatest strength. Every day, we hold them accountable to be better, and they do the same for us. 

Our community motivates and supports each other. But don’t take our word for it – here’s what our members have to say.

Christina BartonChristina Barton
16:05 17 Dec 21
After walking and running past GLSC for months when I first moved to Seattle, I knew I had to check it out. From the first on ramp class, I was so impressed by the care and knowledge the coaches shared and how dedicated they are to making sure we do workouts safely. A month in, I am never bored at class and constantly challenged while building strength. Would highly recommend this gym to anyone looking to get stronger in a great environment.
Neesha PinnaduwageNeesha Pinnaduwage
00:53 09 Dec 21
As someone who took a break for a couple years and is now getting back into it, the GLSC staff and community have been awesome! The workouts are tough but fun, and the coaches are very supportive and happy to provide personalized advice. Glad to have found such a great gym!
Alan FordAlan Ford
04:26 06 Nov 21
As a guy in mid 40’s who never exercised in his life and who truly does not enjoy exercise (but loves the idea!), going to a gym takes some will. However, 5 months into it I keep going back, and a big part of it is the atmosphere and the amazing staff who love what they do, and they do it well. They will make sure that you do exercises properly so you don’t injure yourself, and that you get the full benefit of each exercise you do. You will be challenged every time you come, sometime more, sometime less, but you will feel great knowing that that was likely the best thing you did for yourself today.
Sadie AndersonSadie Anderson
02:08 16 Oct 21
I'm a relatively new member, and I'm really pleased with this gym. As someone who is fairly new to a lot of the different lifts we do here, I've gotten great guidance from the coaches to improve my form and feel really confident and capable. I also found the onramp class to be really helpful. The atmosphere is supportive and friendly and fun, and just enough competitive- or maybe that's just me! Think I'm mostly competing with myself. It's also just a really nice facility- love the open air layout, and the class sizes are just right.
CJ HughesCJ Hughes
05:37 13 Sep 21
My fiancé and I started coming to GLSC in the spring after living in the neighborhood for several years. Nate and Kate are both extremely accommodating and communicative as owners, and we've really enjoyed the pep and level of instruction from the coaches (shoutout to Patti and Jaeger!). We appreciate the coach's focus on teaching the proper technique for each movement to avoid injury, and the warmup exercises at the start of every class are targeted at the parts of your body that you will use during the rest of the workout.We also really like the small class sizes and variety in the exercises. As somebody who gets bored very easily, I've avoided becoming a regular at any gym in the past because every workout felt like the same exercises. Every class at GLSC has been different, and this has been important to helping me stay engaged.Joining GLSC has been a highlight of the summer for us, and we highly recommend the coaches and facility!


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