Ask a coach

We have a few overall safety rules for the gym. If in doubt, always ask a coach for clarification or help. Kind of like a flight attendant, our coaches are here first for your safety. 

Walk around

Please walk around instead of through an active class. This gives members room to finish their workout uninterrupted and protects you from swinging weights and other potential accidents.

Leashed dogs

For the safety and comfort of all of our members, we have a few simple dog rules.

1 – Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times, out of the way of class and entrances/exits.

2 – Owners are responsible for cleaning up after dogs. This includes shedding! Please ask for a vacuum if your dog is shedding.

Child safety

We understand that parents sometimes need to bring kids to the gym. For everyone’s safety, please follow these rules.

1 – Kids must be kept out of the way of class and members who are working out. It is the parent’s responsibility to keep the kids safe and out of the way of class.

2 – Please sign a waiver for kids. If kids are in the gym, we need a waiver for them. You can create an account for your kid and sign the waiver by emailing [email protected] with your kids full name and age.

3 – Please keep kids off of adult equipment such as bikes, rowers, barbells, or any machines. If you signed the waiver and it’s out of the way, they’re free to play on things like rings, boxes, and mats as long as you are ensuring their safety.

Hold your weight

We have a lot of neighbors, including the apartment building that shares a wall with our gym. When you drop your weights, it can be heard inside those apartments, so whenever possible, please hold onto your weights on the way down. On the bright side, controlling weights while lowering is one of the best ways to build strength! If you’re working on a 1-rep max or something else that requires dropping weights, please grab the crash pads. And, of course, if you need to bail out of a lift for safety, absolutely drop the weights. Just don’t make a habit of dropping weights during the workout.