Reduced capacity

We run small classes of at most 9 people per class.

Open air

Our gym has 6 open garage doors on 3 sides of the room.


Masks are required at all times indoors, optional outdoors.

Vax required

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is required.

Athlete class reservation – 9 per class

We are only serving 9 people per open air class to keep plenty of distance and maximize coaching time. Please reserve your spot on our schedule.

Safety Measures

For the health and safety of our entire community, we have implemented a number of procedures and rules to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission in our community. These include:

  • Open air gym – we have 6 open garage doors on 3 sides of our building for a nearly outdoor gym
  • Masks are required indoors – we have indoor and outdoor workout stations, masks are required while indoors
  • COVID-19 vaccinations verified – We verify everyone’s vaccination status with some limited exceptions such as medical
  • Fully outdoor option – some stations have additional optional outdoor space
  • Equipment is sanitized between members
  • Limited class sizes – 9 athletes per hour
  • No drop-ins allowed – temporarily to minimize COVID exposure. 

Athlete self-screening

Please run through this screening checklist before every class

[] Do you have a fever?
[] Do you have a sore throat or cough?
[] Do you have a loss of taste or smell, or any other COVID-19 symptoms?
[] Have you been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 symptoms or a positive COVID-19 test with-in the last 14 days?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please stay home until you are feeling better and confirmed to be COVID free.

Athlete COVID Gym Rules

Reserve your spot: Due to reduced class size, please reserve a spot ahead of time on our schedule. To allow everyone to get a spot, we may charge a $10 fee for reservations cancelled within 12 hours of class time

Masks required: Masks are required everywhere in the gym except your individual workout station.

Wait outside: Please wait outside the gym until the exact start time of your class. If there are others outside the class, please keep at least 6 feet of space while you wait.

Keep your distance: As you move around the gym keep 6 feet of space between you and other athletes.

Wash your hands: Please wash your hands before and after your workout. 

Pick a workout station: Stations are marked with tape. Please remain in your station for the duration of the workout unless you need to use the restroom or get equipment. 

Follow the coaches instructions: For both classes and open gym, please follow the coaches instructions for your safety. 

Clean up after yourself: The coach may ask you to put your equipment away, or leave it at your station. Either way, please sanitize everything you’ve touched in the station: the floor, equipment, supplies, and finally your hands.

Leave promptly: It’s important that we clear the gym quickly at the end of the workout so that the coaches have time to sanitize and re-stock after you leave. 

Thank you! Thank you for doing your part to protect our community. in