Reduced capacity

We run small classes of up to 12 athletes

Open air

Our gym has 6 garage doors on 3 walls


Masks are optional indoors and outdoors

Vax required

COVID-19 vaccination is required

Garage Door Policy

We open a different number of doors depending on the weather. 

  • above 65°F – all 6 garage doors will be open
  • 40°F – 65°F – 2-3 garage doors will be open starting with the doors closest to the parking lot
  • below 40°F, we will close all the doors
We will use the Apple weather app on the coach’s iPad as the official temperature.

Athlete class reservation

We are only serving 12 people per open air class to keep plenty of distance and maximize coaching time. Please reserve your spot on our schedule.

Safety Measures

For the health and safety of our entire community, we have implemented a number of procedures and rules to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission in our community. These include:

Open air gym – we have 6 garage doors on 3 sides of our building for a nearly outdoor gym

  • Masks are optional indoors and out
  • COVID-19 vaccinations required – All athletes and coaches must be vaccinated for COVID-19
  • Fully outdoor options – we have fully outdoor spaces to exercise if preferred
  • Equipment is sanitized between members
  • Limited class sizes – 12 athletes per hour 

Athlete self-screening

Please run through this screening checklist before every class

  • Do you have a fever?
  • Do you have a sore throat or cough?
  • Do you have any cold, flu or COVID-19 symptoms?
  • Have you tested positive for COVID or another infectious disease in the last week? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please stay home until you are feeling better.

Athlete COVID Gym Rules

Reserve your spot: Due to reduced class size, please reserve a spot ahead of time on our schedule. To allow everyone to get a spot, we may charge a $10 fee for reservations cancelled within 12 hours of class time

Wash your hands: Please wash your hands before and after your workout. 

Follow the coaches instructions: For both classes and open gym, please follow the coaches instructions for your safety. 

Clean up after yourself: The coach may ask you to put your equipment away, or leave it at your station. Either way, please sanitize everything you’ve touched in the station: the floor, equipment, supplies, and finally your hands.

Thank you! Thank you for doing your part to protect our community.

Exposure requirements – no symptoms

If you’ve been exposed to someone with COVID, but don’t have any symptoms, you are still welcome to come to the gym. Since everyone is vaccinated, we use symptoms and testing rather than exposure as our guidance for who can come to the gym. 

Exposure requirements – with symptoms

If you’ve been exposed to someone with COVID, and you have symptoms like a sore throat, cough, or fever, please stay home and test. If after 2 days you’re feeling better and you haven’t tested positive, you’re welcome to come back.   

Positive test requirements

If you’ve tested positive for COVID, please stay home until you are able to test negative using a home rapid test. A negative test usually comes 10-14 days after symptoms. We realize that this is more conservative than the latest CDC guidelines, but our understanding is that a rapid home test is the best way to measure contagiousness. 

Thank you!

We want to say thank you to our entire community for following these rules. We’ve seen a lot of COVID cases in our community, but we haven’t yet had a confirmed transmission happen inside our gym. Stay healthy!