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Strength and confidence for real life

Workouts for your busy lifestyle with coaching for continuous improvement

Never get stuck in a fitness rut again

You deserve better!

  • Why keep thinking about working out instead of doing it?
  • Why repeat the same tired fitness routine?
  • Why workout without support to help you achieve your goals?

At GLSC, our coaches motivate you to be your best and improve yourself one workout at a time.


Our training is designed to meet you where you are in your fitness journey, whether you’re starting from the couch or the podium. Most of our members work at a desk all day, so we designed our workouts to straighten you back up out of that sitting position.

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We get you in and out, so you get more done.


Reduce injuries and improve posture after sitting at a desk all day


Improve your mechanics for efficient and effective movements


Build strength for your life inside and outside the gym


Our members are our greatest strength. Every day, we hold them accountable to be better, and they do the same for us. 

Our community motivates and supports each other. But don’t take our word for it – here’s what our members have to say.

My wife and I have really enjoyed trading at Green Lake Strength and Conditioning. We find the coaches knowledgeable and helpful and the other folks at the gym have been super friendly. We also really like the programming approach/ style that actively helps prevent injuries. Keep up the great work GLSC!
I’m so glad I started my fitness journey with GLSC. After many years of going to big gyms and not loving it, I wanted to join a smaller gym where I work more closely with trainers and other members in a smaller, community-based setting... All the trainers at GLSC are fantastic. Everyone here is so nice and patient, especially with a newbie like me. They inspire me to learn and challenge myself to get stronger.​
I was never able to stick with any workout program until I found GLSC. I enjoy it so much that I picked my new apartment based on distance from the gym. I really love how the community and coaches motivate me to stay regular and constantly improve. Would highly recommend for anyone who wants an open and supportive gym environment to really challenge yourself and grown in!
As someone who took a break for a couple years and is now getting back into it, the GLSC staff and community have been awesome! The workouts are tough but fun, and the coaches are very supportive and happy to provide personalized advice. Glad to have found such a great gym!

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Photos by Jenny Jimenez.