Bring a Friend Friday!

Congrats! You’ve been invited to join the Green Lake Strength & Conditioning Bring a Friend Friday event! This fun free group workout is designed for anyone to join.

We’re excited to meet you. Get started now!


How to start?

Find a time

Click 'join the fun' to find a time for your first class. Be sure to coordinate with your friend.

Show up

Arrive with your friend at GLSC at your scheduled time. Be sure to dress comfortably.

This is the heading

Follow the coach's instructions and enjoy the beginner friendly workout with your friend.

How does it work (for GLSC members)?

You will need to reserve your spot in class as normal via Wodify. Your friend will need to reserve the same time in the friend spot using the link on this page. Send your friend this link ( so that they can reserve a spot in Friday’s class. Be sure to tell them the time you’re registered for the class so you can come at the same time. The workout will be a partner workout so you can do it together.