I’ve grown up in the fitness atmosphere my entire life from doing taekwondo as a kid, training for football and eventually becoming a coach through Northwest CrossFit. Green Lake Strength & Conditioning has given me a way to learn as well as teach the best possible way of bettering our members physique and fitness for daily life and longevity.

As you may find out, I used to do theater and film acting similar to Jordan, but ended up changing paths to become a DJ and Producer as well as a coach. I take pride in providing the members with great experience through icebreaker questions (as I have learned to be effective through my acting classes) and create as much of a “live DJ” feel as I can through the music I play. If you have suggestions please don’t be afraid to share new tunes. 

Favorite Movement: Bar Muscle Ups

Favorite WOD: Cindy on Crack

My Motivation as a coach: Green Lake Strength & Conditioning holds a special place in my heart because it is the peak form of the gym I’ve grown up with after 13 years of evolution. Through the years I have learned an immense amount from the coaches and members who have come and gone, but I would say while having Paul and Jordan streamlining the programming, it has given a new life to the gym and I have learned exponentially more about how strength and conditioning should be tackled for our population. It makes me happy to see people get better and healthier through what we do.

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1