I have been a member at GLSC since 2010/2011 and I am really excited to share my love of this place by coaching others! I fell in love with Crossfit after having my son and searching for a more interesting/challenging gym experience and a more flexible schedule that wasn’t a big box gym. Having come from martial arts, I really enjoyed the group class environment and that attracted me to Crossfit. I’m an adventurer and love the outdoors. GLSC has kept me active and strong throughout my seasons of activities from skiing to backpacking and hiking to rock climbing.

Favorite Movement: Handstand pushups, rope climbs, and toes to bar

Least Favorite Movement: As a shortie, I am not a fan of wall balls and rowing

Favorite WOD: Definitely the 12 Days of Christmas!

My motivation as a coach: I am excited to help others stay strong and healthy throughout their different stages of life as well as to reach their healthy lifestyle goals. Whether there is something specific they are training for like a race, or they just want to get their legs ready for backpacking season, or maybe they just had a baby, I am here to support and guide through their journey by coaching the functional fitness movements that have been so life changing for me over the years.

Credentials: CrossFit Level 1, Certified Pain-Free Performance Specialist