Before I was a personal trainer or Fitness/CrossFit coach, I was a professional chef in NY and NJ and had my own baking business – baking for restaurants back in my NJ town. I did this for years, I was tired of it. My husband and I talked and he said “you’re such an athlete and you’re so good at communicating with all sorts of people, maybe consider becoming a personal trainer”. And so it began! In 1997 (yes I’m that old) I became certified as a personal trainer and have been in this industry ever since then!

I found functional fitness via CrossFit when my curiosity had me looking up how the actors of the movie “300” got so darn fit! That was back in 2010. I joined NWCF that year and decided that this is what I wanted to do! Not only did I enjoy the workouts, but I was blown away by the amazing community. Friends for a lifetime! I have been coaching functional fitness now for about 11+ years! Most of those years have been right here in this building. I have never tired of it and plan on continuing as long as possible!

Favorite Movement: Wall Balls and Rowing are my faves!

Least Favorite Movement: Biceps Curls and Overhead Squats (maybe lunges too)

Favorite WOD: Definitely the “12 Days of Christmas”

My motivation as a coach: I’ve always been a carer. I can’t help it! I grew up as the oldest daughter in a large family and often needed to step up and care for my siblings or cousins in one way or another. Caring comes naturally to me. As a coach, I find that I am so motivated by seeing people for who they are and hopefully helping them on their way to better themselves physically (and mentally). I’m motivated by building bonds with people in my community and watching my community flourish.

Credentials: CrossFit-L1&2. ACSM, ACE