I’m new to GLSC and super excited to be getting involved! I love the versatility of the thoughtfully programmed workouts with the emphasis on quality and variety. The prioritization of inclusivity and personal success creates an amazing community made up of driven, welcoming, and hardworking humans.

Favorite Movement: V-ups! I think I just like lying on the floor.

Least Favorite Movement: Hard to choose between double unders and dumbbell tricep kickbacks

Favorite WOD: Anything with running, rain or shine!

My motivation as a coach: Seeing people tapping into the intrinsic drive to go beyond what they thought was possible is a really special experience. It doesn’t have to be about being the strongest or the fastest person in the room, but just conquering individual challenges that are unique and relative to them, no matter the size. To be able to help facilitate that experience and watch people discover their strengths will always be my biggest motivator.

Credentials: Pilates Matwork L1 Certification, Pilates Advanced Mat & Reformer Certification, CrossFit Level 1, ACE CGFI (In progress)