As a professional movement and performing artist, fitness has always been a backbone to my physical and mental health. By cross training, I reduce risk of injury and minimize recovery time between strenuous performance seasons. I quickly became interested in the mechanics of the body and their function in our day-to-day activities. It was not until I began working with clients doing one-on-one assisted stretching and building somatic practices around functional movement exercises that I realized how much I enjoyed being a fitness coach. As a new member with GLSC I am super excited to get to know the community and grow alongside you as a trainer.

Favorite Movement: Anything on the ground

Least favorite movement: Running

My motivation as a coach: I’m most passionate about helping others feel good in their own bodies. Movement is one of the best ways to feel more confident, regulate the nervous system, and release tension. It brings me joy to come alongside others on their fitness journey beginning with one’s relationship to movement and the body. It is my goal to see people leave with a smile on their face, ready to tackle the day ahead or ready to rest after a long day’s stress.

Credentials: BA in Dance, FTP certification, NASM Personal Trainer in progress