So many things I love about the gym!  Everyone is so friendly and welcoming!  The members are excited about enhancing their health and fitness; the coaches love guiding them through their journey.  Programming is detailed and well thought out with intention of improving health; not just getting sore or burning calories.  The staff is filled with years of experience and expertise and it’s great to work with so many likeminded, caring humans!  Everyone I meet, whether staff or member, is someone I can hangout with at a coffee shop or brewery.  Misery loves company, and there’s no better place to make friends than the gym where you’re all suffering together.

The gym is also located in the heart of Green Lake and the positive energy surrounding the area can’t be beat. With PCC, yoga/barre/Pilates studios, and float tanks within a few blocks, Green Lake is the perfect place for people who love anything and everything related to health and fitness!  

Favorite Movement: Rest

Least Favorite Movement: Wall balls and assault bike

Favorite WOD: Diane

My Motivation as a coach: I love improving my own fitness and health; there’s always something to work on. Whether it’s increasing a one rep max or figuring a way to heal through an injury, I’m always striving to improve and learn!

Certifications: CF L1, CF L2, B.S. Exercise Science, WA State Licensed Massage Therapist