I’ve been coaching at GLSC since July 2021, and what I love most about this community is how accepting, loving, and coachable the athletes are. I enjoy getting to know them and they inspire me to be a better athlete myself. I strive to create a fun, safe environment for our athletes so they can cultivate better body awareness and learn how to move more efficiently.

Favorite Movement: Handstand pushups

Least Favorite Movement: Deadlifts

Favorite WOD: Anything with muscle ups

My motivation as a coach: The satisfaction an athlete gets when they learn something new or when they overcome a challenge they thought they couldn’t overcome–I love experiencing those moments with an athlete. Coaching also makes me a better athlete myself because I have to be able to break down movements to the core when teaching them. But my biggest motivator is being better than Coach Tracy! 😉

Credentials: Brand X Professional Youth Coach, CrossFit Level 1, Certified Pain-Free Performance Specialist