On-ramp 1:1 quick start

Not sure what GLSC is all about? We’ve designed a special on-ramp class for anyone new to our community, weight lifting, or gymnastics.

Who is this class for?

On-ramp is for anyone who is new to our gym, but especially if you do not have experience with Olympic weight lifting, gymnastics, and more. The workouts can be easily scaled up or down, so they are designed for all fitness levels. We just spend a lot more time on instruction.

Why is this required?

While we understand that some new members may have experience with fitness, we want to provide a safe workout for everyone. We require the completion of our on-ramp course to ensure you are knowledgeable of the movements and technique incorporated in our classes.

What will the course include?

On-ramp is a series of 4 1:1 sessions with our personal trainers. It will go over the movement fundamentals used in our classes. We will teach you the basic technique and the purpose behind each movement and more importantly, we will help you understand how to make them work for where you are today with your strength, fitness, and mobility.

What should I bring/expect?

Each class will focus on a new movement and include a theory concept. We will teach you the movement and work on that movement with you. Please wear appropriate clothing and shoes and bring water!

What does it cost?

The course costs $400 for 4 sessions.

What is the schedule?

The schedule varies based on our personal trainers’ availability. Sign up for an orientation to get more details and schedule your first appointment.