On-ramp course

Not sure what GLSC is all about? We’ve designed a special on-ramp course for anyone new to our community, weight lifting, or gymnastics.

Who is this course for?

On-ramp is for everyone who is new to our gym, but especially if you do not have experience with Olympic weight lifting, gymnastics, and more.

Why is this required?

While some new members have experience with fitness, we want to provide a safe workout for everyone. The on-ramp course teaches you fundamental movements so that you can get the most out of our classes safely.

What will the course include?

On-ramp is a series of 4 1:1 semi-private training sessions covering the fundamental movements used in our classes. We will teach you the technique and the purpose behind each movement and more importantly, we will help you understand how to make them work for where you are today with your unique body, strength, fitness, and mobility.

What should I bring/expect?

Each session will focus on a movements, skills, and terminology. We will teach you the movement and work on that movement with you. Please wear appropriate clothing and shoes for a workout. Layer up if it’s cold out. Be prepared to learn and don’t forget to bring water!

What does it cost?

We offer a few options for on-ramp based on your experience and availability ranging from $399 – $699 + sales tax.

What is the schedule?

We have some preset courses on M/W evenings or Tu/Th mornings. We can also work with you to find times that work for you and your trainer. With enough lead time, we can generally find someone to meet you between 6AM and 7PM.

How do I start?

Please schedule a free no-sweat intro so we can get to know your, experience, goals, and schedule to match you with the best personal trainer.

What if I already have experience?

If you already have weight lifting experience, schedule a free no sweat intro to get started with a custom on-ramp program based on your experience. It will be 2-4 sessions based on your experience.

What if I have injuries, mobility restrictions, or anything else?

We’d love to meet you and discuss options. Our coaches can work around most injuries, and we also offer personal training. Schedule a free no sweat intro to learn more.

What if I’m just not sure if this is a good fit?

We’d love to meet you and help you figure it out. If we aren’t a good fit, we know plenty of nearby gyms that we’re happy to recommend. Schedule a free no sweat intro to find out if GLSC is right for you.