Movement foundations for life

Our youth classes are designed to develop a love for movement first, an understanding of how to move safely and effectively second, and strength-building third.

Kids and teens will safely learn the basics to continue an active lifestyle for decades.

Our experience

Coach Zeyab has years of experience coaching youth athletics for wrestling as well as strength. He’s a Brand X certified professional youth coach who’s passionate about teaching the fundamentals of strength, movement, and fitness to kids – in a super-fun and encouraging way.

Coach Sofia has been teaching teen classes for the last 2 years and also works in a middle school, so she’s seen it all. Sofia moved to Seattle from New York 5 years ago to pursue her master’s in early childhood special education, where she worked at Crossfit NYC. She transitioned to coaching the teens class as it allows her to combine two of her great joys: weight lifting and working with kids! 

While we don’t currently have any kids or teen classes available, we may add them in the future. If you’re interested in kids or teen classes, please email us at [email protected]. Thanks!