Designed for the busy professional

Our workouts are designed for busy professionals with an active lifestyle. Our first goal is to teach you how to safely move your body. So many of us sit at a desk or stare at our phones all day. Our workouts are designed to counteract that body position to get you upright and mobile. 

Designed for lifelong fitness

Our goal is for our members to be fit and active into their 90’s. That means that we won’t push you to your limits in every workout as we believe that varied intensity over time builds more sustained and long lasting progress without burning you out and injuring you.

Focus Areas

We vary our focus day-to-day throughout the week. In one 7-day period, you’ll see the following areas of focus in our workouts:

  • Bullet-proofing: designed to prevent injuries and counterbalance the work many of us are doing at our computers.
  • Skill: designed to focus on building techniques for movements used in our workouts.
  • Strength: designed to focus on building strength, generally with heavier weights and less aerobic work.
  • Aerobic: a combination of actual aerobic training along with teaching strategies for effective aerobic exercise.
  • Metcon: stands for Metabolic Conditioning, or the “workout” portion of class. This is a fancy way to say a mix of exercises with little rest in between, in an effort to maximize calorie burn and increase metabolic rate during and after the workout.

Weekly Rotation

We rotate through these focus areas on the following schedule every week

Strength FocusSkillStrengthBullet ProofingSkillStrengthBullet Proofingn/a
Conditioning IntensityMediumLowHighMediumLowHighHighest
Specialty ClassMobility + StrengthMobility + StrengthBarbell ClubMobility

We program in-house

We program all of our workouts in house. We’ve tried other programing in the past, and many are excellent. However, we find that building our own programming allows us to react to what our community is experiencing right now. It makes the workouts more interactive so that we can grow in our programming while our members grow as athletes.