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Greenlake Strength & Conditioning, Seattle, USA, 06162021

Glutes to the max!

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We just started a new Sunday focus: Gluteus MAXIMUS

Over the next 8 weeks, our Sunday class focus will be on increasing glute strength (and size, if you’re into that 😉 ). Lots of our typical movements – like back squats, deadlifts, and kettlebell swings – can build stronger glutes, but this new Sunday programming is designed specifically for MAXIMUM BUTT BENEFIT. 

Why glutes?

The glutes are the biggest muscle in the body and assist in nearly every strength movement and lower body lifting exercise.  But stronger glutes don’t just equal bigger lifts in the gym. Increasing butt strength and activation improves all sorts of daily fitness activities, like jumping, running, biking, and hiking. Additionally, strong glutes help to increase knee stability and the health of your lower back. 

We like big butts! 

Join us on Sundays to get yours.


Kate and Nate, co-owners