Introducing the new NWCF owners: Kate and Nate Muller

Big news: Jake has decided to start a new chapter in his life and has trusted us to us to care for the NWCF community.

Henry, Kate, George, and Nate

For those who don’t know us, we joined NWCF in Feb 2011, and we’ve been members ever since. We’ve made great friends in this community, and we are excited for this opportunity to invest even more deeply in this gym and all of you. 

What does this mean for you?
We’re not charging you for your membership in April
We have paused all of membership payments while we figure out how best to serve you during the gym’s closure. 

We’re getting you reconnected with coaches via online classes 
Our first priority is to get you back to a fitness routine and get our coaches back to work. We will start online classes via video conference within the next week.

We’re re-enabling membership payments on May 1 at a 25% discount
All active members can attend our online classes through April. We expect that the gym will remain closed in May, and we will continue online classes until we are allowed to reopen the gym. We will begin charging for memberships on May 1, so that we can pay the coaches, reconnect you with our community, and help you stay active. 

We’re donating all proceeds to the University District Food Bank
Because our priority is to serve the community in this unusual time, we will be donating any profits to the University District Food Bank as long as the gym remains closed.

We want your feedback
We have a lot to learn in this new endeavor, and we want to hear from you – good, bad, or otherwise. We’re excited to take this step, and can’t wait to see you all in the gym soon.

Burpees forever,

Kate and Nate Muller

PS – No, this is not an early April Fools joke. It’s just how the timing worked out.