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Greenlake Strength & Conditioning, Seattle, USA, 06162021

Mile-a-day May!

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It’s time for Mile-A-Day May!
The idea is to move your body for a minimum of one mile every day throughout the month of May. You can run, walk, hike, skip… whatever gets you outside and moving your body. Bikes don’t count for this one – gotta move yourself! It has been a long year, and we know everyone is eager to get outside more. It is also really helpful to have some camaraderie and accountability… plus it’s satisfying to click the check box each day!

Join us in this spring tradition
This is Coach Patti’s 7th year of hosting this challenge and this year, we are teaming up with some other members of our larger fitness community – Slate Strength & Conditioning and Rocket Community Fitness – in a little friendly competition! We will be tracking things like social media presence, total mileage, number of 31Club members (people who don’t miss a single day) and more!

Sign up to participate
To participate, sign up and track your miles here, under the TEAM GREENLAKE tab:

Earn bonus points via social media
To earn bonus points for our gym, tag social media posts (not stories) with @greenlakestrength and use the hashtags #mileadaymay and #glsc.

Get outside, move your body, have some fun… and don’t forget to show us your (s)miles!


Kate and Nate, co-owners