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✨Member Spotlight – Kim✨

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Meet Kim! She’s originally from Michigan but has lived in Seattle for just over 9 years. She’s been coaching gymnastics since she moved here and now works at a gym in Woodinville called Pacific Reign where she coaches competitive gymnasts. She also has an 11 year old husky named Kodi who she loves to go on walks with. She also paints for fun!

How long have you been a member of GLSC?
I think I joined in April or May of 2023.

How has being a part of the gym benefitted you?
I joined so I could continue to coach and stay safe and healthy while doing it; I didn’t want to get injured if I could help it. Since joining, I’ve been able to do that and keep up with the kids I coach. I have also been able to push myself in a way of working out that I’m definitely not used to.

What is your favorite movement or workout?

Anything except burpees 😉. I’m really enjoying the specific lifting workouts right now.

What is your favorite music or pump up song?
I love when late 90’s/early 00’s alternative/pop punk plays at the gym!

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