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Meet Sadie! Sadie is originally from New Hampshire, and moved to Seattle in 2015. Sadie is an acute care PT at the VA, which means she work with folks who are hospitalized, possibly post-surgical, etc. Sadie is not actually a great resource for sports injury issues, unfortunately! Fun fact: she collects national parks with her kids- they’ve been to 11 in the past year!

How long have you been a member?
About two and a half years. My husband Chris joined first, and after he had been a member for a while, I started to feel left out and joined myself, and never looked back.

How has being a part of the gym benefitted you?
It’s honestly had a huge impact on my overall well-being. I have chronic pain and had a couple back surgeries in 2018/2019, so I wasn’t in a great place with my strength and confidence when I joined. It’s been really valuable to get back to being active- I feel so much stronger and more capable, and actually view myself as an athlete now, which is cool. And just as important, I feel like I’ve made a lot of real, actual friends, which is hard to do!!

What is your favorite movement or workout?
Rope climbs! I also really like working on olympic lifting- clean and jerks, and snatches. If I could invent a great workout for me, it would be something long and grippy like a 2k row followed by rope climbs and then a heavy kettlebell farmer’s carry around the block or something. It kind of sounds miserable but I hope we do it!

What is your favorite gym music?
I always enjoy some 2000s alt rock!

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