NWCF will be disaffiliating from CrossFit

We bought Northwest CrossFit out of love for the community we’ve been lucky enough to find with all of you. We also loved that being part of Northwest CrossFit meant that we could drop into new towns or countries and feel welcome in any CrossFit gym.

But we haven’t loved everything about CrossFit as a brand – the overly masculine culture, the focus on body size and composition, the sometimes less-than-welcoming vibe for people with different types of bodies and abilities. And this week, that really came to a head. We will spare you the gory details if you don’t know them, but Greg Glassman (CrossFit CEO) and CrossFit HQ revealed they don’t share the values that we want to foster in this community. Most specifically, CrossFit HQ’s silence on the topic of systemic racism and police violence and their refusal to say, Black lives matter. Thank you to our members and friends who brought this to our attention.

So, we’ll be disaffiliating from CrossFit.

What does this mean for you?
The NWCF gym experience will remain the same or better. Jordan will keep rocking our programming. Our amazing coaches will keep coaching to CrossFit standards and beyond.

We weren’t prepared for this change, so bear with us, as we need to sort out domains, social media, and more. We will spend some time thinking about the right name for our community, long-term. Is it Northwest or Green Lake? Is it gym, fitness, or strength? Or some combination? Tell us what you think of, when you think of this community and your part in it.

Share your thoughts on our name or anything else at [email protected] or on our member group on Facebook. Thank you for supporting us through this transition.

Kate and Nate