NWCF is open for phase 2

Juneteenth thank you!
Thanks to all 44 members who showed up on Friday for the special Juneteenth workout. 

We gave $1,100 to Race Forward to keep the momentum moving towards racial justice. Thank you for your support.

Indoor and outdoor workout stations open for phase 2
King county entered phase 2 on Friday, which means we can have limited capacity inside the building. We are still limited to 5 people per class, so we will be running two different classes every hour: coached indoor/outdoor and un-coached open gym (indoor only).

Coached indoor/outdoor (open air) classes
If you’ve attended a class in the past few weeks, this is basically the same as we’ve been running all month. We will have stations marked at each garage door. The garage doors will be open, and you will have the option to exercise fully outdoors.

Un-coached open gym (indoor only)
There will also be stations in the old building for open gym classes. Because we are not allowed to mix the classes, the coaches will not be able to come into the old gym and give direct coaching. However, these classes will start and end at the same time and are welcome to follow along the same programming. 

Zoom classes reduced to 7AM weekdays only
We have had significantly reduced interest in the Zoom classes. So we will be dropping to only a single zoom session on weekdays. Please join us at 7AM Monday through Friday if you are interested in doing the workout from home. 

Open gym Tuesday & Thursday at 3PM
We added an open gym session every Tuesday and Thursday at 3PM. This will not be coached, but it’s an opportunity to use any part of the gym with 6 feet of space. We have found it’s been a great time for college students home on break to get in a mid-day workout. 

We look forward to seeing you in the gym soon.

Kate and Nate