Northwest CrossFit is now Green Lake Strength & Conditioning

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Green Lake Strength & Conditioning

Thank you to the members for all for your feedback and help with our new name.

What happened to Northwest CrossFit?

We decided to move away from the CrossFit brand to allow us to focus on the needs of our local community. We are thrilled to embrace the Green Lake Community with our new name.

Why Green Lake?

As we discussed the name “Green Lake,” a lot of people asked if we plan to expand. The truth is, we don’t. We love the Green Lake community, and we want that to be our focus. We aren’t in this to create a fitness empire. We’re here to support our local community, and that community is Green Lake.

Why Strength & Conditioning?

We wrestled with all kinds of different ways to describe what we do. Different languages, animals (like the strong and social orca), and more. But in the end, it was clear that you all wanted a straightforward name. And strength and conditioning is really what we do.

What’s changing, and what’s not?

We will keep a lot of things the same. You can still expect an efficient and challenging workout with friends every time you step foot in GLSC, just like NWCF. If you’ve been in the gym recently, you will have noticed that we’re spending more time focused on skill, strength, and injury prevention. We will continue to emphasize all of those, and we understand that your priority is to leverage your time at the gym to have a full and strong life. We are here to help you to do that.

I love it – give me a t-shirt!

Swag is coming soon, we are looking for a good local printer if you know one.

Kate and Nate