More workout stations are here!

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Reserve your space today
We added 2 new stations in the main gym last week. We’ve been testing them out all week, and they are working well. Starting right now, you can reserve one on Pike13.

The easiest way to reserve your spot is to download pike13 in the Apple App Store or Google Play. It will use the same user name and password you’ve used to reserve your space on the website.

November programming incoming
As we transition into a new month, we’re moving into a new cycle of our programming. October was focused on intensification of movements that we spent the previous months learning and building in volume.

In November, we will be re-focusing on motor control and mastery of technique and form. This may feel less intense in the day-to-day but the process is intended to build control first, then get a whole bunch of reps in, and then start layering in weight, speed, and power.

We will continue to provide options to increase or decrease the difficulty so that everybody experiences the intended stimulus at a level that feels challenging, safe, and fun! Our 3-month cycles will continue in this pattern as we continue to build solid foundations of movement.

Weekly programming
We have been also varying our focus day-to-day throughout the week. In one 7-day period, you’ll see the following areas of focus in our workouts:

Bullet-proofing: designed to prevent injuries and counterbalance the work many of us are doing at our computers.

Skill: designed to focus on building techniques for movements used in our workouts.

Strength: designed to focus on building strength, generally with heavier weights and less aerobic work.

Aerobic: a combination of actual aerobic training along with teaching strategies for effective aerobic exercise.

Metcon: stands for Metabolic Conditioning, or the “workout” portion of class. This is a fancy way to say a mix of exercises with little rest in between, in an effort to maximize calorie burn and increase metabolic rate during and after the workout.

We rotate through these focus areas on the following schedule every week.

  • Monday
    • Focus: Bullet Proofing
    • Metcon: Hard
  • Tuesday
    • Focus: Skill
    • Metcon: Medium
  • Wednesday
    • Focus: Strength
    • Metcon: Light
  • Thursday
    • Focus: Bullet Proofing
    • Metcon: Hard
  • Friday
    • Focus: Skill
    • Metcon: Medium
  • Saturday
    • Focus: Strength
    • Metcon: Light
  • Sunday
    • Focus: Aerobic
    • Metcon: none

Doors will remain open – at your discretion
By default, we will continue to leave the gym doors open for air circulation. But if the breeze is too strong at your station, you are welcome to close your door.

Cancellation fees are back
Class reservations have been totally maxed out, but class attendance is not. We have reinstated cancellation fees to make sure that everyone can get a spot in a class. Also, feel free to sign up for open gym if you’re having trouble finding a spot in a class. If members don’t show up, you can always join the class. Finally, please email us if you had to cancel for a good reason (illness or other unexpected disruption). We want you to stay home if there’s a good reason.

Shirts, tanks, and hoodies are here
Shout out to Kara Moreno for introducing us to Sanctuary Screen Printing. They’re an amazing local non-profit screen printer that trains at-risk youth in the art of screen printing. We have new GLSC-branded shirts, tanks, and hoodies available now.

Grab yours from the boxes in front of the office. Sign out what you took. If you can’t find your size, email us to let us know. We will add it to our next order.

Don’t worry about payment, we’ll bill you later.

Kate and Nate