COVID-19 Update – GLSC is moving outdoors!

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Indoor fitness lockdown starts Tuesday morning

Governor Inslee announced a new lockdown order today that closes all indoor fitness facilities Tuesday morning through at least December 14. We are still figuring things out as we had little notice for these changes – read below to see what we’ve figured out so far. We really appreciate your patience and understanding in these turbulent times.

Starting Tuesday, Strength & Conditioning classes are moving outside

Per Governor Inslee’s order, outdoor fitness gatherings of up to 5 people from separate households are permitted, so we’re moving our Strength & Conditioning classes outdoors. We have 3 stations outside of the north doors and 2 outside the south doors. These stations have rain cover, but are fully outdoors.

Strength & Conditioning classes are reduced to 5 people per class

Due to the limits on outdoor gatherings, classes will be reduced to 5 people per class starting Tuesday. Given that we have spots for 7 people in classes, we will remove the last 2 people who enrolled. If this applies to you, you will get an email notification that you were removed from a class. You are welcome to join the waitlist for that class.

Open Gym is closed until further notice

Starting Tuesday, Open Gym is closed until we can hold indoor classes again. If you’re registered for Open Gym time, we’ll cancel those reservations. If you have an open gym-only membership, we will put your membership on hold.

We’re bringing back Zoom classes! Starting Monday, weekdays at 7AM and 5:30PM

We will bring back live coached Zoom classes, weekdays at 7AM and 5:30PM. You do not need any equipment to participate.

To join a class, email [email protected] for the link.

Adding more Strength & Conditioning classes! 2:30PM and 7:30PM Mon through Thurs; 2:30PM and 3:30PM Sat and Sun
We’re adding two weekday classes: 2:30PM and 7:30PM Monday through Thursday.

During this lockdown phase, we’re also temporarily replacing our weekend Mobility and Barbell Club classes with Strength & Conditioning, since Mobility and Barbell Club are too difficult to do fully outdoors. We promise to bring them back as soon as we’re allowed back inside the gym!

You’ll be able to reserve a spot in these new classes in Pike13 shortly.

Other questions?

Q: Can I put my membership on hold?
Sure! We understand that the outdoor classes won’t work for everyone. If you’d like to put your membership on hold or change your membership in any way, email us at [email protected]. Your account will hold credit for whatever you have paid for, and you will not be charged again until your membership is active.

Q: Are you accepting new members?
No, we have paused all new memberships due to the lockdown. We will reevaluate as things stabilize over time.

Q: Do Zoom classes count against my weekly visits?
No. If you have a 3x/week membership or a punch card, zoom classes won’t count against your visits at this time.

Q: Can I be inside the gym before or after my class?
No. You will need to wait for your class to start outside and leave your station as soon as you’re finished with the class. You can only come inside the gym to use the bathroom, wash your hands, or grab equipment.


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