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We need your help to stay safe & open

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We received a COVID compliance complaint

We are disappointed to report that we received a notice that the state has received a complaint that we are not complying with the Governor’s Coronavirus Stay Home – Stay Healthy Proclamation. It does not include any specifics, but we will be following up to see if we can find out why we were reported. A neighbor left a voice message that they intend to report us for being open, but they didn’t leave any contact info so that we could have a conversation about their concerns. If you are that neighbor and happen to be reading this, please let us know – we’d like to talk.

We need your help

We’ve carefully reviewed the governors’ orders, and we’ve established the following rules to ensure we’re complying:

  • Indoor fitness is closed
  • Classes are operated outdoors
  • Only 5 members permitted per outdoor class
  • Stations are 10+ feet apart
  • Masks are required while getting equipment or using the restroom indoors 
  • Equipment and stations are sanitized between members

Please help us stay compliant with these rules to avoid future complaints or a visit from the health department.

$1,000 to Recovery Cafe – Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who gave during the Recovery Cafe Thanksgiving fundraiser. Together we raised a whopping $1,000 to support Recovery Cafe. We’re so thankful for all of you and your generosity!

Limited class reservation window

Because the demand for classes is so high, we limited the reservation window to 7 days in advance to help you get a spot in class. However, we’re still seeing a lot of late cancels and no-shows. We may experiment with an even shorter reservation window in the future, as it doesn’t seem that late fees are really helping. Our goal is to make as many sessions available to you as possible, but we can’t do that without your help. Please only reserve the classes you are sure you can attend.

Open Gym limited availability

A few members were exclusively using Open Gym prior to the November lockdown. For those members only, we have brought back a small number of outdoor open gym sessions. These are temporarily excluded from standard (unlimited or 3/week) memberships. We will watch how availability goes these first few weeks and adjust as we hear from you. 

A few hoodies and t-shirts left!

And finally, there are still a few hoodies and shirts left. They are all now hanging in the office by size. We are out of size large, but we have a few of just about every other size from XS to XL. Help yourself and record what you took on the order form on the shelf just outside the office.