One waitlist per day, please!

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Hi there, we are so thankful that all of you have stuck with us through these crazy times. You have all been such troopers putting up with working out outside in the cold and the rain. You have tolerated limited classes, and you have shown us so much patience. We are so grateful to have all of you as part of our community. THANK YOU!

In order to be sure that everyone has a fair shot to get into class, please only add yourself to one waitlist per day. If you’re the first person on a waitlist, there’s a decent chance that you will get into class. And if you’re on more than one waitlist, it delays or excludes other people from getting into other classes that you were waitlisted for. 

We asked pike13 if we can limit moving the same person from the waitlist into more than one class per day, but they don’t have that feature at this time. 🙁