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Introducing our 3 new coaches!

We are thrilled to announce that we have 3 new coaches! They are currently in training, and we’re excited to get them all involved in classes soon. If you see them in a class, please introduce yourself! 

Coach Allie
Hi, I’m Coach Allie! I’m so excited to be part of the GLSC gym. Coaching is and always has been a passion of mine. I enjoy exploring WA state’s backyard in my spare time and checking out the amazing food scene in the Seattle area.
Coach Christian

Hello, my name is Coach Christian! I’m excited to come on as a coach here at GLSC. I am a Strength and Conditioning coach who loves training with kettlebells. My favorite lifts are the KB Snatch and Double KB Clean and Press. I aim to keep everyone resilient and constantly crushing goals. Feel free to ask me anything kettlebell related!

Coach Zeyab
Hey, I’m Coach Zeyab and I’ve been a high school wrestling coach for 5 years. I’m very excited and happy to start my journey as a GLSC coach and help individuals improve as athletes at Greenlake Strength & Conditioning.


Kate and Nate