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Pumpkin party, late fees, endurance, and more updates

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GLSC Pumpkin party Oct 23 @ 5PM
Join us for a potluck and BYOB Halloween party on Saturday, October 23 at 5PM. BYOB and snack / food to share. Just hang out and eat and drink, or enter our pumpkin carving contest to win a Lamborghini (…remote controlled car)! Bring a pre-cleaned pumpkin, and please leave the innards at home. Families and friends are more than welcome! 
Outdoor endurance classes on hold for the winter
Coach Steve Rybolt has been having a great time hosting outdoor endurance through the summer, but attendance has dropped off as the weather turned, so we will pick these back up in the spring/summer. Thanks to all of you who attended! We are considering ways to bring this indoors, but not sure how to make it happen just yet.
Late cancel fees starting back in November
Starting in November, we will begin assessing late cancel and no show fees again. We stopped enforcing these fees in the summer when enrollment was down, but now that classes are full again, it’s important that you only reserve a class if you are confident you can attend. The new cancellation fee policy will only be enforced if you have more than 1 late cancel or no show in a month. It will then be assessed at $10 per late cancel or no show.
New Sunday series – strong man skills
We just started a new Sunday series covering strong man and conditioning skills. We’re working with sandbags, sleds, rope climbs and more. Check it out!
New GLSC app coming soon 
We’re really excited that we have found a replacement for both Pike 13 and Train Heroic. The new app will handle your membership, class reservation, and allow you to view workouts. It will also replace our Facebook member group, as it has the ability to do group posts and chats. We’re still in the process of setting it up, but we will be inviting folks to the app in November. 
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