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Greenlake Strength & Conditioning, Seattle, USA, 06162021

Farewell Jaeger, hello you?

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Farewell Jaeger

We’re both excited and sad to announce that Jaeger has left GLSC, moving to a new role, where he can grow his personal training and physical therapy career. We hope he will continue to visit us occasionally, and we are thrilled to know that he’s continuing to grow as a coach and a fitness professional.

Of course Jaeger has also been following his passion for music DJing at more events as COVID is hopefully turning a corner. Follow his DJ work on Instagram or Facebook.
Jaeger, thank you so much for everything you’ve done for GLSC and NWCF. We will always be your biggest fans.

We’re hiring for member support

Do you know someone who’s organized, outgoing, and all-around awesome?

We’re looking for someone to keep the gym running smoothly. Their diverse responsibilities will include welcoming new members, answering questions, taking photos, scheduling, and more.

We are looking for someone who can put in about 20 hours per week.

Successful candidates must love people, hard work, and constant improvement.

New class & COVID survey

We’ve heard from a number of you that you really enjoyed the recent mobility class and that you’d like to see it happen more regularly. We also know that capacity is getting really limiting now. Help us figure out how we can add more capacity and more with this survey.