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Welcome back Coach Jean Anne!

Hey there, we’re so excited to announce that Jean Anne Dobrowolski will be returning to coach at GLSC. Many of you will remember her from her years coaching at NWCF. For those of you just meeting her now, you’re in for a treat!

Jean Anne has decades of coaching experience, currently working as a personal trainer at the Rainier Club downtown. She’ll be joining us as our Wednesday mid-morning – noon coach. Maybe if you’re lucky, you can snag an 11AM personal training appointment with her. 

And a bit from Jean Anne. 

Hey y’all!!

I am incredibly excited to be (re)joining the community at Greenlake Strength and Conditioning!  

For those that know me, you’ll remember that I love to work hard and play hard! I love to meet new people and have a passion for helping others in their fitness journey.  We’ve all been on a long strange trip these past couple years and I realize that everyone has a different way of learning and dealing with the situations that come in front of us.  

Here’s to new beginnings, old friends, and the good times ahead!  See y’all at the gym!!

Coach Jean Anne

And in celebration of her return, we’ve purchased a new gym timer/clock that’s programmable from a smartphone. Never again will you have to watch me or Jean Anne stare and curse at the clock while you’re waiting to start your workout… Or at least I hope not. 😛