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The new workout cycle starts this week at GLSC!

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Our new programming cycle starts this week, and it will build intensity and complexity over the next 3 months. Keep reading to learn about everything we’ll be working on together, from injury prevention to strength.. 

Shoulders & grip strength

Upper body bulletproofing will focus on shoulder protraction and retraction (reaching forward and backward) and grip strength. These are both important for anyone who spends a lot of time at a keyboard or hunched over a phone. 

Glutes & ankles

Lower body bulletproofing will focus on glutes and ankles. The glutes (your butt muscles) are key for preventing injury and also generating power. When you’re properly engaging your glutes, you can feel the effects throughout your entire body. And ankle flexibility and strength is important for getting deep into squats and translates to many physical activities.


These skills will be alternate days/weeks throughout the 3 months. We’ll have modifications and progressions for any level of experience.

  • Squat clean (clean)
  • Handstand push-up (gymnastics)
  • KB clean (KB)
  • Power snatch (snatch)


We’re trying something new for strength this cycle. We’ll stick with one movement per weekday for the full 3 months. This means that many of you can choose the area you’d like to work on, and you can do a full 3-month strength cycle on that area. Expect exact movements, rep schemes, and intensity to change as we go, but the focus will remain constant for a while. This is a great way to really develop a given movement pattern.

  • Back squat – Wednesdays only
  • Pull-ups – Saturdays only