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Fall is here!

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This is the last week for outdoor endurance for the season

Meet Coach Laurel, Wednesday, September 28th @ 6:30PM at the Lower Woodland track for our final outdoor endurance class of the season. We’ve been having a blast at the track, stadium, and more, but with darkness creeping in, we will pause outdoor endurance until the spring.

Late cancel / no-show fee enforcement

You might have noticed that we were pretty lax on enforcing the late cancellation fees in the summer. Starting in October, we’re going to be stepping up the enforcement of late cancellation and no-show fees. Please let us know if you cancel due to illness, as we will waive the fee for illness or medical emergencies.

Doors open for now

We’ve heard from a number of you that you’d like to keep the doors open as it gets colder. We will be keeping them open for the time being, but as it gets colder, we’ll be gathering more feedback, and we may consider changing that policy for the winter. We will communicate changes as early as possible, and we will allow you to cancel or hold your plan if the changes impact your comfort or COVID risk tolerance.