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Tips for staying active in the winter rain!

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We’re deep into the cold, dark, and rainy season here in Seattle which means it can be hard to motivate yourself to stay active. Here’s how I stay active in the dark rainy months. 

Embrace the rain

Turn the rain into a challenge rather than an obstacle. Pick an activity that you can do in the rain like running, hiking, or rucking. 
Invest in good gear – If you’re exercising in the rain, you’ll get wet, so I don’t worry about waterproof gear as much as things that are still comfortable in the wet. I use shoes with good grip, clothes that wick, a hat to keep the rain off my face, and most importantly: lights and reflective gear for the dark.

Warm up indoors first

I try to get my heart rate up before I step outside so that the blast of wet and/or cold feels more refreshing than daunting. Nothing like a few dozen squat jumps, lunges, and arm circles to get moving. You’re more likely to be injured in the cold, so an indoor warmup can help reduce the risk of injury while also making the workout more pleasant.

Join a group

I’m much more likely to get out, regardless of the weather, if I know someone is expecting me. Groups like the Seattle Green Lake Running Group have runners of all speeds to meet and run with.

And if all else fails, you can always come join us for an indoor workout.  😉