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Meet Audrey! Audrey grew up in Colorado but has lived in Seattle for the last 14 years with her husband, Gene (also a GLSC member) and their 4 kids. Audrey was a social worker until making the “career shift” to stay-at-home-parent for the last 10ish years. With all kids in school for the first time this year, Audrey is considering how to monetize her skill set she’s diligently developed: tying several pairs of shoes in record time, making elaborate piñatas, and mediation involving big feelings in tense situations. Fun Fact: Audrey worked as a barmaid in an English countryside pub for several months…where she met Gene.

How long have you been a member of GLSC?
About 5 years.

How has being a part of the gym benefitted you?
It’s helped me learn that I can do activities that I’m not initially good at AND make great progress! It’s also a lovely place to see friendly faces of coaches and other members.

What is your favorite movement or workout?
Dubs and burpees.

What is your favorite music or pump up song?
I love the mashups of popular songs throughout the ages that flow from one to the next. They really help me to ‘just keep going.’ Shout out to Shaina’s Sunday 8am DJing 🙂

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